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Saturday, 11 June 2011

How to earn money through Infolinks?

What is infolinks?
Infolinks is an In-text advertising means it inserts hyperlinks to your website content and when someone clicks on that link you will get share(Revenue).So,It is a great way to make money online ,All you need is to add the code to your website that they give it to you and it automatically inserts ads to your website.If you do blogging on wordpress platform than they have developed a plugin ,check that.

Who can participate in Infolinks publisher program?
If you have website than go and apply for it ,they are accepting almost every website .They will put your website in review for 2 or 3 days and it will get accepted.So,No problem in that.

Why Infolinks?
This question comes in Mind ,why you join infolinks when you have so many other advertising companies for you like Kontera is the biggest competitor of infolinks.There are reasons for that :
They share 70% revenue with you.I think it is highest in the industry.

Whatever your site topic is you can get the targeted ads to your website.As,They have so many advertisers on Infolinks.

There are so many big websites using that like so It proves that they are legitimate and pays timely.

What is the payout?
Now,They have 50$ payout ,you will get your money once it reaches 50$.previously it was 100$ and they decreased it for the benefit of publishers.

Payment methods
They pay via payoneer,paypal but for bank wire transfer it is 400$.So,you can withdraw it by different means.

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